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About the Committee


  • An Affordable Housing Advisory Committee has been established by order of the Mountain Lakes Borough Council.


  • The Affordable Housing Advisory Committee shall be composed of ten members appointed by the Borough Council to one year terms.  The members will include two members of the Planning Board, three members of Borough Council, the Borough Manager, the Borough Attorney and Borough Planner and two residents of the Borough.

Purpose: The Affordable Housing Advisory Committee Shall:

  1. Assist the Borough Planner, Borough Attorney and Borough Council in updating and implementation of the Borough’s Housing Element and Fair Share Plan (HEFSP).
  2. Identify and prioritize realistic opportunities for affordable housing.
  3. Suggest possible funding sources ts accomplish affordable housing opportunities.
  4. Regularly communicate with the Borough Council the activities of the Committee
  5. Provide education and information to the public on general affordable housing matters.
Meeting Schedule
Meetings are the 2nd Wednesday of the month at Borough Hall.

Committee Members

Blair Schleicher Wilson, (Chair)
Sandy Batty, (Secretary)
Sueanne Sylvester (Historic Preservation Committee)
Chris Cannon (council liaison) 
Cynthia Korman (council liaison)
Mayor Khizar Sheikh (council liaison)
Robert Oosdyke, (Borough Attorney)
Mitchell Stern (Manager)
973-334-3131 x2007