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The Laker Profiles Live section contains a series of interviews that have been conducted with those who have made a contribution to Mountain Lakes and its residents.  Each interview is set-up in a podcast format so that the conversation and discussion captures the interviewees story in their actual voice and words.  Please click on any of the names in the table below and enjoy their recollections and some history of Mountain Lakes.

As we go forward we will be looking to identify others who have made an impact not only on our community but also those who have made notable contributions to society in general.  Please check the News section of the home page from time to time for new profiles.

Laker Profiles Live along with the Oral Histories and Profiles project is a collaborative effort of the Historic Preservation Committee (HPC) and the Communication Committee.  This project is a continuing effort to document those who have contributed to the borough through their volunteerism, work in the schools, borough offices, own government, or in any other capacities throughout the town.

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Name Original ML Address Years Type
Borgo, Dan Podcast
Kaplan, John Podcast
Von Sternberg, John Podcast