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Ball Road,
Barton Road,
Bellvale Road,
Briarcliff Road,
Cobb Road,
Condit Road,
Cove Place,
Crane Road,
Crestview Road,
Crystal Road,
Dartmouth Road,
East Shore Road,
Elm Road,
Fernwood Place,
Glen Road,
Hanover Road,
Hillcrest Road,
Howell Road,
Intervale Road,
Kenilworth Road,
Lake Drive,
Larchdell Way,
Laurel Hill Road,
Lookout Road,
Lowell Avenue,
Melrose Road,
Midvale Road,
Morris Avenue,
North Briarcliff Road,
North Crane Road,
North Glen Road,
Oak Lane,
Overlook Road,
Point View Place,
Pollard Road,
Pocono & North Pocono,
Raynold Road,
Tower Hill Road,
Valley Road,
Van Duyne Road,
Woodland Avenue.
The Trolley.
Blizzard Of 1914
Boulevard at Glen Road
Boulevard at Briarcliff Road
Boulevard Looking South
Briarcliff School, 1939
Canoe Race
Canoe Tilt on the 4th of July
Childs Paradise, 1939
Club Championship, 1935
ML Club Verandah
Community Church, 1934
Community Church On Sunday
Crane Road, 1912
Esplanade Sign, 1911
Esplanade, 1912
Five on a Sled
Intersection of Lake Dr.and Dartmouth Rd.
Intersection of Lake Dr. and Midvale Rd.
Intersection of Midvale Rd. and Morris Ave.
Kids On the Boulevard
Lackawanna Station
Lake Dr School, 1939
Lake Scene, 1936
View of ML Club
Fishing at the ML Club, 1911
Masonic Temple, 1939
Norman Home
Original ML Club House
Relaxation, 1939
Sailing Canoes, circa 1912
St Peters Church, 1934
Summer Day, 1912
Tennis At the ML Club
The ML Club Beach, 1934
The Train Station, 1912
View From the Station, 1911
Wildwood Beach, 1935
Early Settlers, 1911
The Lake by Air, 1935
The 8:06 Train
Man in a Canoe about 1914
Melrose Road in 1922 viewed from Powerville Road
Selected Interiors
Views from Laurel Hill
1967 Photo of the original Wilson School Building
Early Automobiles in Mountain Lakes
Views of Boulevard from Mountain Lake
The original Mountain Lakes Sales Office
The Original Saw Mill on Lake Drive
First Mountain Lakes Fire Engine
View from the Station
Island Beach about 1933
Little kids in an automobile in the side yard of 46 Dartmouth
Colonel and Mrs Smith
Police Chief Harry Dennis
Mountain Lake just below Island Beach
Hockey on the Lake near Lake Dr.
The July 4, 1915 Parade
Skating on the Lake
The Midvale stores in 1915
Looking across Wildwood Lake toward Briarcliff
This is how Mountain Lake looked originally
Mountain Lakes High School Class of 1958
Train Station Parking Lot
The Grotto at 60 Laurel Hill Road
* List includes only those streets that have photos available